Attribution Modelling: Explained

attribution modelling

Attribution Modelling

How Each Customer Touch-Point Affects Conversion

Attribution Modelling is the science of determining the value of each customer touch point leading to a conversion. It helps you understand the customer journey and justify your marketing spend.

Why do I need it?

Increasingly, no one single interaction is responsible for converting visitors to customers, so it is important to understand how each elements helps in the conversion process.

  • Optimise Multi-channel selling
  • Optimise AdWords strategy
  • Attribute sales to the correct channel
  • Calculate accurate ROI
  • Invest in the right channel

It is important to define a customer and their value to a business. Doing this, will then allow you to focus your attentions and enable you to filter and organise spend. Not only this, but you willl have a better understanding of the customers journey taken to get there. By appreciating all aspects taken to fulfilling a purchase, your business can hone it's creative resources. eGenie's technique of attribution modelling makes everything that much more simple to understand. This report will help give a wider scope to your business and enable you to pay more attention to the important things. Let us do the work and you see the results; they may just surprise you!

“Attribution modelling really helps you understand the customer journey and all the ways they interact before making a purchase. This insight makes your marketing focus much more effective.”