Content Grouping & Segmenting: Explained

content grouping

Content Grouping

Segmenting Your Websites Content & Products

Content Grouping separates your site into logical departments, products, or other definition. eGenie provides you with a report of aggregated stats on the groups and allows for a deep drill evaluation of purchases and views.

Why do I need it?

Large retailers often separate their business into divisions such as Food, Clothing, Homewares. This can then be further segmented e.g. Food—Fresh, Chilled, Frozen. Separating your business into logical divisions in the same way makes sense. It allows you to understand the performance of each area of the online business so you can make informed business decisions.

  • Sales Reports for departments
  • Categorise your site
  • Identify contributors
  • Identify under-performers

By segmenting and cutting down content analysis, your business can achieve a far better understanding of not only how to improve it, but also how to refine it. eGenie provide the means and understanding in showing you what is happening from the content on your site in a conveniently and easily understandable report. 

“Seeing how each department contributes to the overall success of the company is essential in identifying under & over performing categories and allowing you to take action.”