Conversion Optimisation FAQ’s eGenie Explains

Conversion Optimisation FAQ's: eGenie Explains

What is Conversion Optimisation?

Simply put, we make adjustments to your website that encourage your visitors to buy from you and also make it as easy for them as possible. It’s a great way to increase your sales rate.

What do you change?

Each site require different changes. It maybe that the design needs altering to make Call-to-Actions more visible, or that the sales process needs to be shortened so that customers do not leave before completing their purchase. We understand the psychology of internet marketing and apply changed that really work.

How do you know it works?

Each change we make is tested live on the site. When a visitor arrives at the site they will be served either one of the changed pages or the original page. This lets us compare them to see which one leads to the most sales.

How much does Conversion Optimisation cost?

We include Conversion Optimisation as part of our Google AdWords package. This allows us to bring more customers to your site & get them to buy something when they get there!

We also sell Conversion Optimisation as a stand alone package. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Can you show me an example of how it worked?

conversion optimisation exampleWe tested moving an email address to the top of one clients page who was looking to obtain leads from their website. We increased contacts by over 70%! from this one simple action.