Custom Event Tracking: Explained

custom event tracking

Custom Event Tracking

If It Happens - We Will Track It!

Whatever happens on your site that you think is important, we can track it. Any visitor interaction with the page can be tracked to give you the info your business specifically requires.

Why do I need it?

All websites are different and eGenie recognises that you may need bespoke tracking to capture the data that is useful to your business. We find a way to give you what you need so you measure the important stuff, stuff that will help you improve.

  • Track everything
  • Specific to you
  • Measure anything

You would be amazed at how even the smallest of details can tell you so much about your own website and how your users interact with it. This custom event tracking can assist with the refinements of your business site and help assist with conversions. 

“It’s amazing the things that can be tracked. If you need to know how many people scroll to the bottom of your page, hover over a picture or see your ad, then eGenie track it. Now that is useful!”