Demographics Report: Explained

demographics report

Demographics Report

Age, Gender & Interest Group of your customers

The demographics report provides an overview of the age, gender and interest categories of your visitors and customers. We segment your website data by these characteristics so that you can understand how buying and non-buying visitors differ, and how campaigns affect each category.

Why do I need it?

Understanding the demographics of your customers lets you connect with them on a deeper level, gain their trust and provide them with a more relevant service. You can use a demographics report to refine your marketing campaigns, design and optimization strategies, helping you gain more customers, sales & profit.

  • Optimise site & pages by customer type
  • Cross-sell products by customer type
  • Spot weaknesses & opportunities
  • Reach out to new markets
  • Effectively reach your target audience
  • Refine marketing campaigns & design
  • Convert more visitors to customers

"Demographic data is essential to any forward thinking businesses. This illuminating report helps home in on your target audience, deliver the correct message and convert them from visitor to customer!”