Download Tracking & Measuring: Explained

Download Tracking

Download Tracking

Track & measure downloads from your site.

Tracking the quantity of PDF downloads is a very common wish for business to business and/or lead generation campaigns. It makes sense right? You understand that if a visitor is requesting a PDF then that visitor wants to learn more and is interested in what they’ve learned from your site so far.

Why do I need it?

eGenie provides tracking and reporting on the download of files such as PDFs from your website. If your company benefits by having customers download documents (such as application forms or advice pamphlets) then you should be tracking how many times they are downloaded. Reporting on this allows us to determine how best to optimise your site, how to attract new customers, - to increase the number of downloads..

  • Monetarise website goals
  • Understand what influences downloads
  • Where do your customers come from
  • … and how do you get more

“Tracking the download of application forms is essential to business. Being able to measure this is great, but what’s really cool is the way that we can show how they came to be customers in the first place. This allows replication and growth.”