Marketing Campaigns: Explained


Marketing Campaigns

Track & Improve Marketing Effectiveness!

Ever wondered if you were wasting money on marketing but wasn’t sure where? The campaign report directly attributes sales to campaigns so you know what they cost & how much they bring in making decisions around whether to expand or reduce them easy.

Why do I need it?

People often say “half my marketing budget is a waste of money, I just don’t know which half!” eGenie looks at your data and tells you so you can direct time and money to where it’s most effective.

  • Stop wasting time
  • Stop wasting money
  • Don’t get ripped off
  • Increase customers, sales & profit
  • Identify performing campaigns
  • Maximise your budget

Campaigns dedicated to expanding your client base are naturally, incredibly important, so we here at eGenie make that process as easy and expedient as possible. We like to put things simply; we do the work and cut out the middle man for you. By looking at your data, eGenie can identify the most effective ways in which to place your budget and help you get there. 

"Don’t know if you are wasting time and money? The campaign report lets you know! As well as showing you where to spend, it shows you where to stop. Saving money and increasing customers; it’s a business dream!”