Sales Lead Report: Explained

sales lead report

Sales Lead Report

Leads emailed to you - every day!

The Sales Lead report shows you the companies that have visited your website, what pages they looked at and how they found you. If somebody is looking at your site, they could be ready to buy, don’t miss the opportunity to follow up a lead!

Why do I need it?

This invaluable Business to Business report gives your sales team instant leads and the information they need to close the deal. This report can be sent on a daily basis so your leads are always red-hot!

  • Business to Business leads
  • Sales "Heads up"
  • Who's looking at your site

The sales lead report is a beneficial description of, not only how other companies are visiting you, but also what is and what isn't working in that respect. See our blogs page for more information on a variety of topics, including How Are Your Visitors Finding You

"An essential if you sell business to business. You can have a list of leads on your desk every morning ready to go"