Video & Media Tracking: Explained

media tracking

Video & Media Tracking

Analytics For Video & Other Online Media

eGenie provides a solution for tracking customer engagement with your online media. We can track how many customers watched a video, how far they got through it, did it influence their behavior, were they more likely to make a purchase? This media tracking report is essential for multi-media sites or sites introducing video for the first time.

Why do I need it?

Interactive web elements such as video are becoming more important in online messaging & communication. You need to ensure that the content on your site is helping you to succeed. By measuring visitor interactions you can:

  • Influence purchases
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Provide relevant & engaging content
  • Reach new audiences
  • Increase customers, sales & profit
  • Identify & remove barriers to media consumption

As the world becomes more tech savvy, your business can not afford to be lacking in any form of engagement tracking, especially that of your online media. 

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“This report is instrumental in shaping online multi-media strategies to reach new customers. Offering the right content in the right format is essential on a modern successful website…”