What Are Adwords? eGenie Explains

What Are Adwords?

Google Adwords is one of the quickest & most cost effective ways to bring new customers to your website. Everyone knows the importance of marketing their business – online businesses are no different. AdWords are sponsored Ads that appear in Google Search results:

adwords example

You can list your products in Google Shopping:

Adwords example

Ads are triggered when your chosen phrase or “Keyword” is entered into a search by a customer:

adwords example

We target locations that are meaningful to the business:

adwords example

adwords example

Why use Adwords?

  • People search for a product or services on Google
  • Your Ad is displayed at the top of the screen
  • They click on your Ad
  • You get more customers!

We target customers who are looking to buy right now! This means that our ads generate more conversions than conventional internet marketing.

adwords example

AdWords work! Here’s an example from one of our accounts:

adwords example

What do AdWords Cost?

  • Pay only for results – on pay if someone clicks your ad
  • Auction basis – pay only enough to beat competitors
  • Set your price – set the price you pay for a customer
  • Set your budget – set daily budgets
  • Flexible – you can turn on or off at any time

Why Use eGenie?

  • Keyword Research – we find the best and most cost effective keywords
  • Targeting – we bring you customers not visitors
  • Compelling Ads – we write ads to increase clicks
  • Negative Keywords – we block irrelevant searches
  • Experts – certified AdWords consultants
  • Proof – we integrate Google Analytics to prove it works

eGenie’s AdWords Certified Consultants specialise in creating Ad campaigns that bring you paying customers. So whether you are selling products or services online or generating leads, eGenie grant your 3 wishes…. More Customers, More Sales, More Profit.

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