41. Pandas What Does This Mean For You?

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4.1 Pandas – What does that mean for you?

As you may know, Google constantly changes how it decides who to put at the top of the rankings in a constant effort to improve the quality of search. The current round of releases are codenamed Panda and, you’ve guessed it, a new one has just come out.
Panda 4.1 is specifically aimed at “low quality content” which is often aggregated content i.e. copied from other sites. After all, Google thinks it can aggregate and deliver content much better than them and doesn’t like the competition!
Only a small percentage (3-5%) of queries are affected, but the change has meant that SMEs with unique content have benefited and are climbing up the rankings a bit.
So, what do you need to do to take advantage of this and, as importantly, make sure you stay ahead of game?
The answer is the same as ever. Make sure you have sites that have rich, unique content and provides a great experience for the Visitor. If your site is a great one to go to, then Google will always send people there regardless of future tweaks, because that is what is says it does on the tin.
If you have noticed you have dropped down the rankings in the last week, then do some housekeeping. Look for pages that have little or no content, are redundant or outdated and merge, update or delete them.

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