5 Reasons Why You Need Adwords For Your Small Business

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adwords small business

5 Reasons Why You Need Adwords For Your Small Business

Steal a march on competitors
Chances are, not many of your local competitors are using Google AdWords. This gives you a great opportunity to steal a march on them and dominate the local market.

Compete with the big-boys
It can be almost impossible to compete against large established companies through SEO alone. Why would Google place your little company above industry stalwarts & household names? They won’t! But if you use AdWords they will. This gives you a great way and lets you mix it with the Big Boys.

Small budget – Big Impact
The great thing about AdWords is that a budget of almost any size can deliver positive ROI. You will need sufficient resources to cast your net wide enough – but if you develop an efficient campaign you can get more out than you put in. You can use this increase in profits to grow your campaign and your business.

Target your audience
There are a number of ways you can use Google to target specific audiences. Using Location Extensions and targeting mobile users is a great way for local business with a physical shop-front to reach people on-the-go and drum up that extra foot-fall.
You can reach new markets by targeting locations that you are currently not competitive in.

adwords small business

Easily Turn-On-and-Offable
If you get busy – you can turn it off. You go quiet – you can turn it up. AdWords allows you to respond flexibly to market fluctuation and respond to trends.

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