5 Thing You Should Have Asked Your Web Site Developer

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5 Thing You Should Have Asked Your Web Site Developer

If you’ve bought a lemon or are thinking of having a website built, this blog will tell you the essential questions to ask your web-developer.

Most of our clients come to us once they have faced up to the reality of the internet:

  • It is not easy to be found.
  • It is not easy to make someone buy from you.

4142Having a site built? – we can help make sure the site you choose suits your business needs.
Site not working for you? – we can help diagnose the problems and recommend improvements.
Here’s a typical problem:
John needs a website but he has no previous experience in the online world so he speaks to a few developers, they show him some of their work. The only reference John has to go on is which site looks prettiest, but of course, this is not necessarily the best website. So John choses the developer with the prettiest design to build his website.


So after a month or two, John realises that the website is not bringing in the customers he had hoped for. He has a lovely looking website, but one that is costing him money and not delivering a return.
Because of people like John, the developers with the prettiest designs sell the most websites. Naturally then, developers often compete on design rather than functionality and key parts of the site are often overlooked.
So, what should he have asked the developer before he left with David Beckham rather than Stephen Hawkins?

  • Is it Search Engine Optimised (SEO)?
  • Has it been optimised for Conversion?
  • Is it Mobile Responsive?
  • How easy is it to make changes to the site design? (CMS)
  • Are the analytics tracking my key metrics?

You expect your site to be found when people search for it in Google. Yet basic omissions by web-developers reduce the chance you will ever be found.

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Here are the minimum requirements.

  • Unique and informative title tags
  • Unique and informative meta descriptions
  • Keyword rich headings
  • Alt tags on images
  • XML sitemap in place
  • Simple/readable URLs
  • Space to add content on each page
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Conversion Optimisation
When customers arrive on your site, you expect them to be able to buy something or contact you. Ensure the site design has this consideration as its priority. Here are some things to check.

  • Less is more – fewer clicks to conversion
  • Less is more – ask for less information in contact forms
  • Clear Call to Actions – make sure CTAs at each stage in the conversion process
  • Cross/Up Selling facility
  • Include Social proof

Mobile Responsive

Many people view a website on their mobile before committing to a purchase using their PC. Optimising for mobile is becoming essential. You may even want to consider a separate mobile site. Find out from your developer how responsive the site will be.44

Making Changes & the CMS
Things change and your site will need to be able to change with the latest technology and trends. Find out from your developer how easy it will be to change the design, the conversion process, page or navigation structure. If they are using their own platform, you will need to understand what will happen if they fall under a bus next week.
You will also want to know how the Content Management System works. You will want to be able to make small changes to your sites content. Find out how easy it is to change product details or upload a blog.

To keep your site in tip top condition you will need to be measuring its performance. Web analytics will give you all the key info you need to make changes to the site or your marketing that will have a positive impact on your business goals. Check the following:

  • Google Tag Manager – make sure your developer adds GTM to the site. This will prevent the need to go back to the developer every time you need to make changes to your analytics.
  • Universal Analytics – make sure the latest analytics offering from Google is being used.
  • Are my business objectives tracked – if your website is to generate leads, then your analytics should record details about leads, likewise with downloads, sign-ups etc.
  • Is ecommerce tracked – if you are an ecommerce site, then ecommerce is essential.

Having a site built? – we can help make sure the site you choose suits your business needs.
Site not working for you? – we can help diagnose the problems and recommend improvements.

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