5 Things You Should Be Testing On Your Website

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5 Things You Should Be Testing On Your Website

No website is ever going to be perfect fresh out of the box. They all require a little understanding and tinkering before you start seeing the conversion rates that keep your bottom line happy. The key is, to always be testing. At eGenie, we test different elements of web-design for our customers every month, sometimes with spectacular results! Here we share some of the key website elements that you should be testing.
But first – AB testing, an explanation.
AB testing allows us to easily create different variations of a web-page. Different visitors will see different version of the page when they visit the site. This allows us to measure which page has things like the most sales, the lowest bounce rate & the highest conversions. No more guess work – we let the numbers do the talking. Once the results are in, you can decide on permanent changes to the website.

Anyway, here’s what you should be testing.

Customer Reviews / Stars
If you don’t have customer reviews on the page where you expect a customer to make a decision, then you probably aren’t maximising your conversion rate. Try testing different layouts of customer testimonials on the page. Measure these against your original.

Here we tested some Customer Reviews on a product page and saw positive improvements.


Call to Action
If you are not telling your visitor what they need to do next, you are missing a huge opportunity! Test different variations of your CTA. Consider:
Colours & Button style
Wording (ditch the “submit”)
On screen placement (top, bottom or both!)
In the results above, we combined a CTA with customer star ratings and saw nearly 50% improvements!

Contact Details
Similar to above really. If you are expecting people to give you a call, but your phone-number is nigh on invisible, then expect a quiet phone!
Again, consider testing colours, sizes and location on the screen.

If you are suffering from high bounce-rate & low conversion rate, then maybe the impact of your web-page is dragging you down. If visitors do not understand your website in the first 5 seconds, then they will leave…. And never come back.
Grab their attention with a clear headline that reflects what they have come to the site to do! Add images and logos to boost the pages staying power.

Sometimes your web page can become just too cluttered as you try and give your visitor every scrap of information to sell your product.
But haven’t you heard?
Less is more. Cut the clutter on your web-page. Increase font size, white space and bullet points while reducing complexity and jargon.
In this test, we simplified the web page into bullet points. We also tried a simple explanation of the booking process in 3 easy steps. All had positive improvements over the original.


So there you have it. 5 things you should be testing on your website. If you’d like to improve your conversion rate, why not talk to eGenie? Our optimisation packages are surprisingly affordable and offer fantastic returns on investment. Why not call us for a chat today!

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