Getting excited about Google AdWords Ad Variations

Why we are getting excited about Google AdWords Ad Variations! ‘Test and Measure’ is eGenie’s mantra. So it comes as no surprise that, whenever Google releases a new update giving us the ability to test and measure, we get excited. Ad Variations are no exception. You can see more ways we test and measure here. Every […]

Using Facebook Post Promotions to Make Profit

Using Facebook Post Promotions to Make Profit You regularly write a blog, or have a blog written, for your website. You regularly promote new blog material via email and social media campaigns, particularly using Facebook. Sound familiar? Here at eGenie, we have started a new blog (along with accompanying campaigns) for one of our clients – Ambassador Marquees. […]

Which Organisations Are Looking At Your Website?

Lead Forensics sell a tool that will get you LinkedIn profiles of people that have visited your website and provide integration into your Customer Relationship Management database (CRM).That can be great for some B2B companies, however, it comes at a price and few people realise they can do it for nothing (OK, other than time, […]

Tracking campaign effectiveness in Google Analytics

Tracking campaign effectiveness in Google Analytics You send out a Tweet or a newsletter and you may know the number of clickthroughs to your website. But what do those visitors do when they got there?  Did they read the blog article and then bounce straight off, or did they explore further and, if you’re lucky, […]

eGenie and G-Cloud

We are proud to announce that eGenie is now part of “G-Cloud 7” (through our parent company eLignum), having successfully completed the tendering process to deliver Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager implementation and training. G-Cloud 7 is part of the UK Government’s Digital Marketplace procurement framework, and only certified suppliers who meet the very […]