Visitors: Interests and New or Returning

Knowing as much as your can about your website visitors can help when optimising your website. What are your visitors more interested in and are they new or returning visitors? Do new visitors have a different behaviour to a returning visitor?When someone visits your website, the website asks their computer if they have a ‘cookie’ […]

Does Your Site Need To Be Mobile?

Everything has gone mobile. Everyday the majority of people use mobiles, whether it is making phone calls, texting, going on social media or searching on the internet. Yes, people are now using their smart phones/tablets more and more to search for services and products. This means this is where advertisers need to target their campaigns. 

Google Right Hand Side Ads

Goodbye to Googles right-hand side ads!Google have recently got shot of the right hand side ads on desktop searches. Instead they now display 4 PPC ads at the top of the page and 3 at the bottom, to what is being called ‘Highly Commercial Queries’.

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Top 4 Free SEO Tools

Tags: SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, eGenie You always hear the phrase ‘SEO’. You always get told you must do ‘SEO’.But why?And more importantly… How?