Search Engine Optimisation Queries For your business site, whatever the nature, you will want to SEO it! For those that don’t know, Search Engine Optimisation is the means of getting the appropriate online users to your site through varied means. No doubt, like eGenie, you probably receive thousands of spam emails from wherever, offering SEO for your business […]

Social Media Optimisation Will Never Be The Same

What’s That You Say?Social Media optimisation has taken a turn for the worse; for businesses anyway. Facebook owners have decided to drastically cut their content by publishers, brands and business. This is to prioritise posts made for socialising by friends and family. Facebook bosses are worried about the recent growth in companies publicising on social […]

Using Google Analytics To Measure Adwords Campaigns Google Analytics is a hugely helpful resource as is Adwords and eGenie stand by that; there is a whole load of information you can get from Google Analytics and Adwords. We’d suggest using these invaluable platforms, as the information obtained from them is highly provable and that’s why we like it!Looking at Google Analytics, […]

eGenie Office: Nicely Serviced!

The eGenie office has had its own magic touch this week with an attractive new door window display for us!eGenie realised that every other business near us had their own poster or work in the window of their offices, but having only moved into our new office a short time ago, we didn’t have any […]

SEO: Importance Of Readability

SEO, of course, is hugely important if you want people of the big wide world to read your stuff! Your content can be SEO’d to the max, but if it’s unreadable twaddle; chances are, it will do you no favours. Valuable time would be wasted and you could have lost a potential customer.Not everyone is […]

Google Analytics: “Referrers” Referrers are a useful source in discovering where your online traffic is coming from and where you are being featured around the web! In the latest video from eGenie, we look at a music business as an example of how you can use referrer data with Google Analytics to your advantage.  The site in […]

The Power of Call to Action: eGenie’s tips for Text Ads!

Text AdsWe all know Text Ads can be a powerful thing; as can the words written in them! Call to Actions are there to motivate prospects to click through to a website or landing page and that sounds simple enough… but you don’t want the wrong person to click through; it’s a real help in […]

“How Are Your Visitors Finding You”? With Google Analytics Google Analytics can be a powerful tool right? Well, we all have two common problems with websites:Not enough people are visiting them.Ones that do, don’t become customers.It’s true. It’s a shame, but true.This video by eGenie, explains how you can see what users are looking at, what is working and what is not by […]

Call Only Ads: Why You Need Them!

Point 1: Everybody uses their phones these days; on buses, while cooking, a cheeky text under the desk in the office. It’s undeniably there. Everywhere. Point 2: Everybody has to shop; whether leisurely or not. We all have to do it. Like or lump it.You put these two things together; you get shopping online and […]

Facebook Is Open For Businesses

Founded by Mark Zuckerberg in February 2004, Facebook is the largest public social media platform on the planet, with over a billion monthly users and eleven thousand employees to its name. This makes it a perfect place, not only to post ugly selfies, deliberately ambiguous statuses (you know, the one’s where you ask if they’re […]

Google Customer Match… Yay or Nay?

Google Match has arrived! And no, before you ask, Google hasn’t yet conquered the online dating market… But I’m sure they’re getting on that.Customer Match now allows a business to target an audience by uploading a list of email addresses. That’s it… kind of.A supposed 70% of online consumers believe that quality, timing and (arguably), […]

Digital Marketing Strategy? Let’s Break It Down…

I recently attended an online webinar: Digital Advertising Strategy! Being of the generation I am (a 1990’s baby) Facebook, Instagram, Twitter; they are a huge part of my life but recreationally, not professionally; so as I sat at my desk waiting for it to begin, I assumed I was going into this thinking I knew […]

Public Speaking: Do’s, Don’t’s and Air Horns!

eGenie recently attended a Business Exhibition in Chelmsford; I personally had never been to one before and so was completely open as what to expect. Along with the decoratively outfitted, professionally looking stalls, smartly dressed individuals with their smiles aglow and business cards aplenty, there were seminars being hosted in the main house itself. “There […]