Better Conversion Rates Through Google Ad Words

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Better Conversion Rates Through Google Ad Words

We see with our client accounts that paid search, such as Google AdWords often has a significantly higher conversion rate than any other channel. So why does Google AdWords outperform Google Organic?

It’s all about intent.
With Paid search we target customers who show the intent to convert. Organic results are often less specific and so capture people who are perhaps looking for information rather than to purchase.
For example, when selling a washing machine we’d run a campaign with keywords that capture the intent to purchase. Words like “Sale”, “Buy”, or “Cheap” and avoid people looking for “Comparison”, “Repair” or “Review”.

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AdWords customers are worth more.
As a result AdWords are bringing pre-qualified customers, in other words, those customers we know are looking to make a purchase. This naturally means that AdWords visitors will have a greater propensity to convert than those coming from a less specific source such as Organic, hence the greater conversion rate.

So what does this mean for you?
AdWords are probably the most efficient and cost effective way to bring new customers to your business. While it may not bring in the quantity of visitors SEO might, it certainly out performs SEO in terms quality bringing real converting customers. Why wouldn’t you use Google AdWords?

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