Google Customer Match… Yay or Nay?

Google Match has arrived! And no, before you ask, Google hasn’t yet conquered the online dating market… But I’m sure they’re getting on that.Customer Match now allows a business to target an audience by uploading a list of email addresses. That’s it… kind of.A supposed 70% of online consumers believe that quality, timing and (arguably), […]

Digital Marketing Strategy? Let’s Break It Down…

I recently attended an online webinar: Digital Advertising Strategy! Being of the generation I am (a 1990’s baby) Facebook, Instagram, Twitter; they are a huge part of my life but recreationally, not professionally; so as I sat at my desk waiting for it to begin, I assumed I was going into this thinking I knew […]

Public Speaking: Do’s, Don’t’s and Air Horns!

eGenie recently attended a Business Exhibition in Chelmsford; I personally had never been to one before and so was completely open as what to expect. Along with the decoratively outfitted, professionally looking stalls, smartly dressed individuals with their smiles aglow and business cards aplenty, there were seminars being hosted in the main house itself. “There […]

The Importance Of Customer Reviews And How To Get Them

We all agree that “people buy from people”, but their first contact will often be your website. So, how do you make them feel that they know you well enough to buy from you (whether “buy” is a product, a phone call or simply signing up for a newsletter)? Enter customer reviews… From an infographic […]

Segment Your Visitors

Segmenting your visitors can be one of the most powerful tools in assessing what works on your website & what doesn’t.We’ve worked with dozens of SME websites & used this technique to turn websites into high converting selling machines.We know that Social Proof is critical in this era of customer critique and so is a […]

5 Things You Should Be Testing On Your Website

No website is ever going to be perfect fresh out of the box. They all require a little understanding and tinkering before you start seeing the conversion rates that keep your bottom line happy. The key is, to always be testing. At eGenie, we test different elements of web-design for our customers every month, sometimes […]

Better Conversion Rates Through Google Ad Words

We see with our client accounts that paid search, such as Google AdWords often has a significantly higher conversion rate than any other channel. So why does Google AdWords outperform Google Organic?

Call Only Ads

Google recently launched their Call Only ad format. These ads display in a similar format to the mobile ads you may be familiar with, but with a difference – one simple clear call to action – a phone call.So why use Call only ads? Call Only Ads allow you to focus on driving phone traffic […]

Is Your Website Legal?

When I buy something I expect it to satisfy whatever legal requirements relate to it. What is more, I expect the product supplier to (a) know what those requirements are and (b) make sure they are met before they deliver the product. However, many website developers’ own websites break UK and EU laws, leaving them […]

How To Stop Spammers In Google Analytics darodar co.lumbIt’s getting quite boring dealing with all the false stats appearing in my Google Analytics accounts. It’s time for a solution to stop all this referral spam – and here it is courtesy of eGenie.Why are, darodar, co.lumb appearing in my Google Analytics?The spammers are using your Google Analytics code […]

Still Haven’t Found What You’re Looking For?

“What should I possibly have to tell you, oh venerable one? Perhaps that you’re searching far too much? That in all that searching, you don’t find the time for finding?” ― Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha Google Analytics provides the wonderful ability to record the search terms that people use on your website. Think for a moment […]

5 Reasons Why You Need Adwords For Your Small Business

Steal a march on competitorsChances are, not many of your local competitors are using Google AdWords. This gives you a great opportunity to steal a march on them and dominate the local market.Compete with the big-boysIt can be almost impossible to compete against large established companies through SEO alone. Why would Google place your little […]

Russian Spam Traffic From & co.lumb

The spammers strike again.What this is & how to get rid of it.Interest piqued by an increase in web traffic on our own & clients sites originating in Russia (Moscow / Samara) I decided to dig a little further and was not surprised to find yet another spammer corrupting the veracity of our analytics data.

Closing Online Sales The Blindingly Obvious

 Selling your product online shouldn’t be so hard, yet we repeatedly come up against the same problems over & over again when advising our clients on how best to optimise for sales.This great infographic illustrates some of the common pitfalls that are preventing your site from operating at maximum conversion rates. And yes, they are […]

Check Your Landing Pages

Optimise your landing pages.And boost those conversion rates! A landing page is the first page a visitor sees when arriving at your site, and we know what they say about first impressions. Now if you are not familiar with the topic, it’s not always the home page that the visitor comes to first, so it’s […]

What Would We Do Instead Of Google?

The days of Googling are nearly over. So what will we be doing instead?I recently had the pleasure of attending the Bing Search Summit at Microsoft HQ London. Though the Bing Yahoo network lags behind Google 7 to 3 of total internet search queries the atmosphere was strangely upbeat and forward looking.“We’re in an unusual […]

41. Pandas What Does This Mean For You?

As you may know, Google constantly changes how it decides who to put at the top of the rankings in a constant effort to improve the quality of search. The current round of releases are codenamed Panda and, you’ve guessed it, a new one has just come out.Panda 4.1 is specifically aimed at “low quality […]

Why Mobile Matters

We all own a phone, right? And if you’re anything like me the big debate each time you go to buy a phone is Android or Iphone. However, have you ever stopped to think how much time you spend browsing the web and using apps on your phone or tablet: “Mobile traffic represents 15% of […]