Google Benchmarking

The new addition to the Google Analytics reporting suite, Benchmarking, is a tool for people who want to know how well their site stacks up against the competition. It’s for people who want to expand their business & realise the importance of a strong web presence. Why? Well, not only does this new report show […]

Google Rolls Out AdWords Callout Extensions

Google have begun rolling out a new AdWords extension – the Callout. The Callout allows advertisers to highlight and promote company, or even product USPs in a similar way to the existing Site-Link extensions, but without the link. This allows the advertiser to display key features of their product that may trigger the emotional response […]

Website Not Working? Some Tips How To Increase Online Customers, Sales & Profit!

Increase Visitor Numbers Search Appearance Check how your site looks in search appearance. You should have a compelling meta description. Including site links will increase visibility and help customers find the site area they need. SEO You can’t afford to ignore SEO. Make sure the text on your site is relevant, original and includes the […]

Search Engine Optimisation Or Conversion Optimisation?

Do you want to get more from your website? Are you considering an optimisation strategy, but don’t know where you should focus your resources? Should you be trying to get more visitors or should you try to convert more of your website visitors to customers? Getting more visitors to your site is generally achieved by […]

Stop Wasting Time & Money On Your Website!

Have you ever wondered if that listing directory you’re paying £50 a month for is bringing you any customers? Or Social Media, is it worth all that time and effort?If you are paying for any form of marketing you need to know your Return on Investment (ROI), after all, why pay for advertising that doesn’t […]

5 Thing You Should Have Asked Your Web Site Developer

If you’ve bought a lemon or are thinking of having a website built, this blog will tell you the essential questions to ask your web-developer.Most of our clients come to us once they have faced up to the reality of the internet:It is not easy to be found.It is not easy to make someone buy […]

Separating The Wheat From The (Semalt) Chaff

Using filters in Google AnalyticsIf your nicely sieved reports have recently been plagued, as ours have, by, I’m sure you’ll be feeling frustrated and angry. Maybe you hadn’t even noticed, in which case you’ll be disappointed that the traffic increases you’ve been enjoying are not legit. Either way, you’ll want to remove this interloper […]

Why Is My Onsite Search Report Wrong?

This is a question often asked by our clients approaching us for help with their analytics. The problem is often the same. It simply has not been set up correctly by the person who initiated the analytics account – often the Web-developer. Here’s what you should check and how to fix it.Does your site have […]

Do You Need Content Experiments… Erm, yeah?

Do you find yourself making changes to your website’s content on a hunch? Do you then measure how that hunch paid off, or if it did at all? However well you think you know your customers, Content Experiments can put an end to the guess work of content choice and give you cold hard data […]

Creating A “Search Results Not Found” Custom Report

Ensure Site Search has been enabledCheck Admin/View Profile/View SettingsSite Search button should be “on” and the query parameter identified Identify a parameter that distinguishes between search result found & search result not found.For eLignum, I found that the page title when a search yielded no results was called search.Create a custom reportSelect Page Views as […]

Grow Your Business Online With Pay Per Click Marketing

If I were to send a visitor to your site, how much would you pay for that visitor? Now, how much would you pay if I sent you a converting visitor? That’s the simple maths of Pay per click advertising. You spend until the marginal cost of getting that converting visitor equals the marginal return […]

Showcase Your Shop: Do I Need SEO?

What is SEO?The means of improving the visibility of your website: Search Engine Optimisation is the process of affecting your websites visibility or rank in organic searches (they’re the ones you don’t pay for). So if you imagine your website as your shop front you can think of SEO as being a way of improving […]