Call Only Ads: Why You Need Them!

Call Only Ads: Why You Need Them!

Point 1: Everybody uses their phones these days; on buses, while cooking, a cheeky text under the desk in the office. It’s undeniably there. Everywhere.
Point 2: Everybody has to shop; whether leisurely or not. We all have to do it. Like or lump it.

You put these two things together; you get shopping online and what a brilliant and wide world it is! Whether it be a product or service, you can buy it and all within the palm of your hand in a matter of minutes.
So why wouldn’t there be a way for businesses to make it easier for browsers to get what they want, faster? Hold the phone (excuse pun) they have!

Call Only Ads are a fast way for a customer to get to your service. The number typically appears first and a CALL button right next to it, so customers don’t have to go all Indiana Jones through a website to find the relevant contact number. Having call only ads is also a perfect opportunity to cater ads and create more targeted ones. When a browser sees the ad itself, the CALL button acts as the CTA so experimenting with the limited content can not only be challenging but also (if done right) hugely beneficial.

A typical funnel process for someone searching on desktop would be that a customer sees the ad --> clicks on the ad--> is redirected to the website--> and the lead is established.
But with a Call Ad, a customer sees the ad--> calls the number--> and the lead is established.

The click is translated straight into a call instead of the ad transferring the customer to the site. It’s a great way to gain a direct link to a customer and build a rapport; speaking on the phone is much more personal and builds trust which is naturally important as this is someone who is trusting you with their money. A reported 70% of online searchers will call the business directly from the search results.

Think about this: you break down. You’re stranded. Your battery is dying on your phone. As quick as a flash you Google “Breakdown Service”. Are you going to choose the ad that takes you on a trek across e-Middle Earth to get a phone number or are you going to click CALL and get straight through? These opportunities are just some that you could be missing, if Call Only Ad-less.

Still unsure? Not sure how to implement? Or just want some more info? We here at eGenie can help!

Luke Dove

Digital Marketing Assistant
Social Media and Blog Enthusiast