Call Only Ads

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Call Only Ads

Google recently launched their Call Only ad format. These ads display in a similar format to the mobile ads you may be familiar with, but with a difference - one simple clear call to action – a phone call.

So why use Call only ads?
Call Only Ads allow you to focus on driving phone traffic and conversions. With the shift in consumer behaviour edging ever more to instantaneous on-the-go mobile smartphone action, Call Only Ads allow you to reach customers in the buying moment and provide a direct link through to your sales team - missing out the intermediary step of having to visit the website.
More-over, Call Only Ads will tend to have a higher conversion rate than standard ads where searches may be more informational than commercial.

Who are Call Only ads for?
Ok, so it sounds good, but it won’t be for everyone. So who is likely to benefit from running a Call Only Ad campaign?

Here’s an Example
It’s 11pm, you’ve just got home from a night out and realised you’ve locked yourself out of your house. Your partner is moaning, it’s cold, you are tired etc. You need a locksmith – and fast. So you pull out your smart-phone, complete a quick search and get this ad.


Great, problem solved – you click to call and arrange someone to come out there and then.

You can probably see the power of advertising like this. You can reach people in their minute of need and make it very simple for them to get in touch and complete a purchase.
The sales process is incredibly simple –

  • Google search for the product or service
  • See Ad
  • Click to call
  • Make purchase / enquiry

This is great for local businesses and service providers who value phone leads and can reach people in their moment of need.

Is it right for you?

  • Do you value a phone call over a web visit?
  • Can you convert from a phone call?
  • Could you do with increased phone traffic?
  • Would people search for your service on a smart-phone?

If you answer yes, then Call Only Ads should be a consideration for your business.

Other Points to consider

  • Only run the Ads at times you can take calls
  • Tailor the ad content to encourage a call
  • Make sure you have the infrastructure to handle the call volumes
  • Track which ads, keywords etc are leading to conversions by asking your caller

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