Google Benchmarking

google benchmarking

Google Benchmarking

The new addition to the Google Analytics reporting suite, Benchmarking, is a tool for people who want to know how well their site stacks up against the competition. It’s for people who want to expand their business & realise the importance of a strong web presence.
Why? Well, not only does this new report show where your opportunities lie, but it also shows the potential in your industry or “vertical”, a useful motivational tool for those content to let their site bump along the bottom! (A surprising number of people we encounter do not measure their web performance; crazy but true.)


  • Benchmark your site against the competition
  • Identify your marketing weaknesses
  • Discover opportunities for growth
  • Set goals & add motivation

Use this report to find where you can improve your online marketing. For instance, comparing how successful you are at attracting customers (compared to others in your industry) can help you identify where you need to be focusing your efforts. We all know that there’s no room for complacency in business & this report brutally highlights where you are underperforming.

Need to know how to use Benchmarking?
If you are not familiar with Google Analytics, here’s a quick guide on how to navigate the Google Benchmarking reports.


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