Does Your Site Need To Be Mobile?

Does Your Site Need To Be Mobile?

Everything has gone mobile. Everyday the majority of people use mobiles, whether it is making phone calls, texting, going on social media or searching on the internet. Yes, people are now using their smart phones/tablets more and more to search for services and products. This means this is where advertisers need to target their campaigns.


As you can see, Desktop is used a lot more but Mobile has more people that have clicked the phone link. Mobile does have a high bounce rate, but because we know that they click the phone more on mobile, you can understand the bounce rate. They go on the page they need, they phone up and then they leave, causing the high bounce rate.

Mobile devices are a quick, convenient and useful way to get what customers want. So think about your business and whether or not mobile targeting would benefit you and your business.

Lacey Searle

Websites Specialist and on-the-sly-blogger