eGenie Office: Nicely Serviced!

eGenie office

eGenie Office: Serviced!

The eGenie office has had its own magic touch this week with an attractive new door window display for us!
eGenie realised that every other business near us had their own poster or work in the window of their offices, but having only moved into our new office a short time ago, we didn’t have any kind of name for ourselves that the public could see passing by. That wasn’t going to do, at all!
eGenie office door eGenie office door So, after a brief discussion, we enlisted the help of Hudson Display Services Ltd, whose expertise lie with wide format printing, having done display services to some of the best names in design, exhibition, signage and shop-fitting.
But this company and their work are no stranger to eGenie; they expertly put together our banners for exhibitions and functions a while back and content with their work, we were eager to make use of them again for our new door display! 
A speedy delivery process later, we were ready with our new door, printed, pasted, installed and all!


Now, here’s the clever bit; the door window to the eGenie office is the main source of natural light and we were hesitant to sacrifice that, even for something as important as our new banner; but this wasn’t a problem. Alternatively, a one way mesh was used for the panels - which from the inside looks like a tint, but from the outside shows an image. This was mounted to the outside of the glass and there we had it! An image for the public with our lovely details on and a nice view of the street from the inside.


We were thoroughly impressed and happy with the work that Hudson Display Service Ltd provided; now the eGenie office is looking more complete and like light through our new door, their quality and efficiency shone through! 

Luke Dove

Digital Marketing Assistant
Social Media and Blog Enthusiast