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Facebook Is Open For Businesses!

Founded by Mark Zuckerberg in February 2004, Facebook is the largest public social media platform on the planet, with over a billion monthly users and eleven thousand employees to its name. This makes it a perfect place, not only to post ugly selfies, deliberately ambiguous statuses (you know, the one’s where you ask if they’re OK and they’re like “don’t worry about me, I’m fine…”) and videos of goats singing Taylor Swift, but also a brilliant place to advertise!
As previously stated, Facebook is used by a huge portion of us, because it can be. It doesn’t matter on gender, race, ethnic origin, sexuality, religion, age, weight, height, language spoken, nationality; Facebook doesn’t discriminate. Everyone and anyone can use it. That is a wide audience.
It’s no wonder the big wigs at the top saw a gap and thought; “by heck! We can charge people to advertise with us”! And why not? It’s an excellent, if not ideal place to do it.

Facebook Ads allow you to drive sales for your business by creating advertisements designed by you. Depending on what the business goals are, the ad can be tailored to a specific age group, demographic, location and what their interests are. It’s very specific and we here at eGenie have recently started to experiment with boosting posts and advertisements. It’s a remarkably creative process that’s easy to fulfil by filling out the boxes and adding images; it’s fun! (Or is a life needing to be added to my Christmas list?)
The not so fun bit is paying for it, but it’s a long term investment and achievable goals deserve a small sacrifice now and again. The ad can be run for however long you want and Facebook Insights show the progress and effectiveness of the campaign.

Phew! Right… time for more technical stuff so take a breath, stretch, play that sax and let’s go.

Facebook have a Conversion Pixel tool, where the participating seller is sent a piece of code to be embedded within the website page that needs to track conversions. If someone is selling shoes, they’d embed the code in the page where customers purchase the shoes. After that, they’d run a Facebook ad for the shoes which would be shown to those based on their custom audience. If someone clicks on the ad, they’ll be sent to the page on the shoe website with the embedded code. This will then send a message to Facebook, telling them how many people have clicked on the ad. This will be able to show how the page or product is doing and then the business or seller can alter their campaign according to the feedback. Simple enough? Follow the link for a brief tutorial if there are any blurred lines. https://www.facebook.com/business/help/460491677335370


However… this Conversion Pixel tool is being withdrawn half way through 2016 and being replaced with the stately named Facebook Pixel. The Facebook Pixel (now updated and renamed from the Customer Audience Pixel) has been combined with the Conversion Pixel to create a single process (so everything previously written in this post is still relevant; promise).
It allows a user to measure, optimise and build audiences for adverts and their campaigns combining these elements: audience retargeting, lookalike audiences, conversion tracking, conversion optimisation, dynamic product ads and custom conversions.

The Facebook Pixel can be installed on any and all pages where you want to track conversions and the rest is literally done for you. Whether you run an ad or not, a dashboard for the Facebook Pixel can be viewed for analysis, displaying the main domains, the pages viewed and on what device the ad is being viewed on. That information alone can be hugely beneficial when marketing a service or product.

What happens next is entirely up to you and what you want. So any budding young entrepreneurs or knowledgeable business men/women out there in need of a little remarketing of their product or service; I hope this has been of help! eGenie are definitely going to be using Facebook Pixel in the future and I am certainly intrigued as to see how it all goes.

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