Using Facebook Post Promotions to Make Profit

Using Facebook Post Promotions to Make Profit

You regularly write a blog, or have a blog written, for your website. You regularly promote new blog material via email and social media campaigns, particularly using Facebook.

Sound familiar?

Here at eGenie, we have started a new blog (along with accompanying campaigns) for one of our clients – Ambassador Marquees. Whilst many Small Business owners have found Facebook Ads to be a waste of time (and money), we have unlocked a hidden gem to achieve an ROI of over 1000% in just 5 minutes.

Well, sort of…

Facebook Post Promotions

Facebook have two types of promotions for businesses: page promotions and post promotions. The page promotion is a complicated beast, which we will cover in a future blog post. The post promotion, however, is super easy.

All you need to do is publish your post, and then click the blue ‘Boost Post’ button. From here, select the audience you would like to reach, decide how long you want to run the promotion and how much you want to spend, enter your card details and finally click Boost.

Selecting an audience is the trickiest decision, but it is incredibly powerful. Facebook knows information about every user, meaning you can create an audience based on user interest and activity. For instance, for Ambassador Marquees, we created an audience of people who recently changed their relationship status to ‘Engaged’ and might therefore be interested in a marquee wedding. The possibilities are endless.

Best of all, it costs peanuts. You can spend as little as £1.00 per day and still see a massive boost in your Reach, Clickthrough Rate and ROI. We saw an ROI of 566%%!

And yes, we can do the same for you. Find out how – get in touch!

Ambassador Marquees are based in Essex in the East of England. They provide local Event Marquee Hire in Essex, Cambridge, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and North London. They pride themselves on providing Local Marquee Hire at the best possible and most competitive price.

For more information:, email or call on 01799 516061.

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