Google Right Hand Side Ads

Google Right Hand Side Ads

Goodbye to Googles right-hand side ads!

Google have recently got shot of the right hand side ads on desktop searches. Instead they now display 4 PPC ads at the top of the page and 3 at the bottom, to what is being called ‘Highly Commercial Queries’.

This means that the competition to reach the top of the Google page is going to increase and become quite a bit more expensive! So this may mean adjusting your AdWords campaigns.

Organic results will be dropped even lower so what could this mean for website owners or Search Engine Optimisers?
If anything, they should be doing exactly what they have always been doing – competing against paid ads.

Will they still show Product Listing Ads (PLA)?
Yes, they will remain on the right hand side as well as the ads in the Knowledge Panel.

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Lacey Searle

Websites Specialist and on-the-sly-blogger