Google Rolls Out AdWords Callout Extensions


Google Rolls Out AdWords Callout Extensions

Google have begun rolling out a new AdWords extension – the Callout.

The Callout allows advertisers to highlight and promote company, or even product USPs in a similar way to the existing Site-Link extensions, but without the link. This allows the advertiser to display key features of their product that may trigger the emotional response that leads to a click through. Furthermore, it allows the advertiser to pre-qualify customers by including more detailed text, for instance, setting a price to avoid bargain-hunters.

Why use AdWords Callouts?
Ultimately, as a digital marketer, you want to sell your product or service. Adding Callout extensions helps improve clickthrough rates by appealing to customers on both emotional and rational levels. It can also help improve conversion rates and keep Cost-Per-Click down by prequalifying customers, not to mention quality scores & AdRanks.
Use Callouts to:

  • Promote USPs
  • Pre-qualify customers
  • Focus your message
  • Take up more Search Result Page space
  • Boost AdRank

Tips for using Callout Extensions
Adding Callouts to your existing ads is free, easy and something you really should be doing – your competitors will be! Here’s some tips to keep in mind when you are creating your Callouts.

  • Stand out – use Callouts that differentiate you from your competitors.
  • Keep it short – Google can display more of call outs!
  • Measure – check your account to see which Callouts have the best CTRs and conversions.
  • Be Specific – pre-qualify visitors by letting them know what to expect up front.
  • Lay off the capitals – Google claim that Callouts with sentence case outperform those with Title Case.

Site links are pretty straight-forward to set up but getting the most profit out of them can be complicated; if you need any help with an AdWords related problem, feel free to draw on our experience here at eGenie by Contacting Us.

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