Grow Your Business Online With Pay Per Click Marketing

Grow Your Business Online With Pay Per Click Marketing

If I were to send a visitor to your site, how much would you pay for that visitor? Now, how much would you pay if I sent you a converting visitor? That’s the simple maths of Pay per click advertising. You spend until the marginal cost of getting that converting visitor equals the marginal return you get from that conversion. Get it wrong and you can empty your budget super quick. But get it right and you bring paying customers to your site with minimum cost and maximum profit.

Of course it’s not as simple as that. You may have tried Adwords before and found that you could not make a return, or that the time invested in doing it simply outweighed the benefits, after all your time is better spent running your business. Or you may just be exploring the idea of marketing your business online for the first time and don’t know where to start. In either case eLignum’s Digital Marketing Consultants can help you!

eLignum will get you more conversions for your money by;

  • Understanding your core business and website
  • Understanding why people would want to visit your site (not necessarily why they do)
  • Apply this understanding to target the correct audience with the correct keywords
  • Provide ongoing maintenance of your account
  • Improve your profit

……..and prove the results

eLignum is a Google Engage Agency, this means we can overhaul and manage your existing account. Or, set up a new account and give budget to get started, free!

eLignum brings a joined up approach to your digital marketing strategies across all of your digital channels. We will understand your business and decide how PPC fits into your overall digital marketing strategy.
Our goal is to maximise the way your business performs on the net. And prove the results!
eLignum provides a complete digital marketing solution optimising SEO, PPC and analytics across all your digital channels. Alternatively you can select the specific service you need to meet your business requirements.
eLignum also provides a variety of training courses to empower you and your employees if you feel you want keep these responsibilities in house.

Steven Drummond

Web Analytics & Optimisation
"I love solving the technical & marketing challenges that help our customers win more customers."