“How Are Your Visitors Finding You”? With Google Analytics

“How Are Your Visitors Finding You” With Google Analytics


Google Analytics can be a powerful tool right? Well, we all have two common problems with websites:

  • Not enough people are visiting them.
  • Ones that do, don’t become customers.

It’s true. It’s a shame, but true.

This video by eGenie, explains how you can see what users are looking at, what is working and what is not by looking at the data supplied by Google Analytics. Based on this, you can see how to adjust your own site and get more people to it to do what you want them to do! Well, what could be finer?

Firstly, on Google Analytics, down the left hand side, you will have ACQUISITION and then CHANNELS; this will give a full report.
Google splits the traffic coming to your site into types; displaying where people are coming from and how they are getting there via categories:

So, for this example in the video, we have Organic Search, for those people who are looking on Google or Bing, others are coming directly to the site and others are using Paid Search.
When looking at all the number jargon and wordy slapdashery, it’s important to realise that actually, we are not looking at just the number of people; the number of visitors isn’t that important. What is important is what they are doing and is it what you want? Is the traffic good for you?

Google Analytics has a column called Bounce Rate and this indicates whether people are coming to your site and immediately leaving again; so they are looking at one page then CLICK. Gone.
On the Referrals channel, it displays an over 70% bounce rate!
People are referring traffic to the site, brilliant! Celebrate good times- oh no wait they’re gone, they clicked straight off again. Dang. There’s no real way to tell why visitors leave so abruptly; in the case of Referrals, it maybe that someone has come to the page relevant to the site that they were just on and not engaged with your site page at all. Rude.

Setting up Goals is important and these can be filling out a submission form or submitting an email address, dialing a phone number etc and you can see which one of these is most useful by checking where the most traffic comes from; whether that be Paid Search, Organic or Social etc. On our example, it's Paid Search which shows that the money spent on Google Adwords would certainly be worth it!

With Google Analytics, you can track Facebook and Twitter posts by seeing how people are getting to your pages via the Social Channel and what they are doing when they get there.
However, time is money and if money is being spent on Social media via paying someone else to do it or by doing it yourself, it would definitely be worth having a look to see if it’s actually worthwhile. That time and money could be profitable somewhere else, say by investing in Google Adwords where you can see a return.

Now people, it’s your turn. Knowing now what you know, you should be looking at which is the best place to put time and money to get people to do what you want them to do and going back to knowing what you want to achieve. This data can be very helpful in delegating where to place time and efforts for your own business. From all of us here at eGenie; GOOD LUCK!

Luke Dove

Digital Marketing Assistant
Social Media and Blog Enthusiast