Which Organisations Are Looking At Your Website?

Which Organisations are looking at your website?

Import the eGenie report from the Google Analytics Gallery

Lead Forensics sell a tool that will get you LinkedIn profiles of people that have visited your website and provide integration into your Customer Relationship Management database (CRM).

That can be great for some B2B companies, however, it comes at a price and few people realise they can do it for nothing (OK, other than time, which is not free!).

Google Analytics captures the ip addreses of Visitors to your site and finds out who the "Service Providers" are that sent Visitors to your website.

For small organisations these really will be Service Providers e.g. BT or Vigin Media, however it will also contain the names of larger organisations.

You can scroll down, but if you have lots of organisations and know what you are looking for, you can use the Search box.  One of our clients sells to Universities and they were able to identify which ones had visited their website by searching for ".ac.uk".  They found that "Slovak Technical University" had visited the most often, but there were many others besides.

Look through your data for little gems.  Asan example, we were able to tell one local printer that someone from "The Old Vic Theatre" had looked at their page advertising leaflets!

You can download a great report that tells you in Google Analytics, not just the Organisations which visit, but also the Pages that they look at.  Just click the Customisations link in your Google Analytics and "Import from Gallery", then click on "Import" for the report you want.

So, don't spend money on buying and implementing Lead Forensics straight away.  You probably have Google Analytics already, so see what you can get from that first...

Happy prospecting!

John Wood