The Power of Call to Action: eGenie’s tips for Text Ads!

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The Power of Call to Actions eGenie’s tips for your Text Ads!

Text Ads

We all know Text Ads can be a powerful thing; as can the words written in them! Call to Actions are there to motivate prospects to click through to a website or landing page and that sounds simple enough… but you don’t want the wrong person to click through; it’s a real help in defining what users can expect from your page!

So here are some handy tips to grab attention and the right attention:


Be clear and concise; there’s a constricting character limit when writing Text Ads (and this can be a huge pain in the gluteus maximus) at just 35 characters per description line. Make sure that whatever you want a user to do, you make it clear and easy to understand. If you want someone to buy? “Buy Now”! Need a customer to subscribe? “Subscribe Here”! It’s as simple as that.


Use words that that provoke an emotional or enthusiastic response; if you sound enthusiastic in your writing, then those reading them will be too and that’s what you want. Imagine looking for a car and reading “buy this car now. It’s fab”. For starters, no one says fab anymore so who are they kidding but it’s hardly awe inspiring is it? “Buy A Stunning Mercedes With Us”! Now that’s more like it!mobile ads


Cater your ads for the device it’s being viewed on; mobile phone usage is ever growing these days! Mainly due to the fact that people lead busy lives and are looking for an instant solution. Where can that be found? On the phone! So know your devices, design specific ads for mobile as well as desktop and tablet (which Google sees as the same thing due to the similar screen sizes) and mobile Text Ads are displayed differently. So make it urgent, easy and accessible for all!


I’d always suggest adding an exclamation mark at the end of Text Ad’s Call To Action; it’s commanding and enforcing a point. It’s also reassuring and shows confidence, creating a sense of urgency and advising a user to click through. You’d be surprised how the brain perceives something with a simple change of grammar and without it.


Make a user fear they’ll miss out; write the ad as if you’re the only place in the world offering what it is you do and make a prospect want it. It’s a very effective motivator and leaves a user thinking they might miss out if they don’t take you up right now!

It’s funny how the smallest details can make the biggest difference to things; especially your Text Ad Campaigns! 

Luke Dove

Digital Marketing Assistant
Social Media and Blog Enthusiast