Google Analytics: “Referrers”

Google Analytics - "Referrers" and "Referring Pages"

Google Analytics has a "Referring Page" report!

Referrers are a useful source in discovering where your online traffic is coming from and where you are being featured around the web! In the latest video from eGenie, we look at a music business as an example of how you can use referrer data with Google Analytics to your advantage.  

The site in our video is a real shop that sells high end musical equipment: decks, amps etc. Ruark Audio is sending traffic to the shop - a lot of new people, which from a business' point of view is fantastic and 80% of the traffic being sent from them are people who have never visited eGenie before! Drilling further into this, as well as just the referrer, we can see which specific pages are sending the traffic. So hey! You can go to their site and see what has been said about you in their articles or pages.Google Analytics

But that's not all Google Analytics has to offer, oh no!

Highlighted above are pages looking like STOCKISTS/NEAREST which helps users who are searching for their closest Ruark Audio stockist. However, this diamond piece of information includes a postcode; now, what is a postcode? A limited number of addresses and who's to say that these can not be directly targeted with a physical mail campaign? After all, those interested in purchasing the high end musical products being sold by Ruark Audio are more than likely to be repeat customers, due to the nature of the business.

So, if you dig deep enough into your Google Analytics, you can discover some very interesting pieces of information!

Now people, it’s your turn. Knowing now what you know, you should be looking at which is the best place to put time and money to get people to do what you want them to do and achieve what you want to achieve. This data can be very helpful in discovering what others are doing for you, without even realising it! From all of us here at eGenie; GOOD LUCK! 

Luke Dove

Digital Marketing Assistant
Social Media and Blog Enthusiast