Search Engine Optimisation Queries

Search Engine Optimisation Queries

For your business site, whatever the nature, you will want to SEO it! For those that don’t know, Search Engine Optimisation is the means of getting the appropriate online users to your site through varied means. No doubt, like eGenie, you probably receive thousands of spam emails from wherever, offering SEO for your business site. Well, that’s because Search Engine Optimisation is important; trust us… we’re the website doctors.

There are two types of search engine optimisation; the focus for this video is the first: on site SEO.
This is the optimisation of what is actually on your site, so which are the right words? Does Google think the site is good for those searching for it?
These points are very much dependent on the actual content; good content is made up of relevant and appropriate writing, with the right percentage of keywords and key phrases on the correct pages.
But it is not just written content on a page; it’s also the writing within images. It is important to label or Alt Tag imagery on you site with keywords as search engines cannot read imagery, only text.
For the example of the business in the video, they would have to label their imagery for Google to know that a picture of a bathroom suite or a sink, was in fact, a picture of a bathroom suite or a sink.

Another tip for good search engine optimisation on site is building links from other sites. If you were to write a blog for someone else or have an event publicised by the local council for example. These could direct traffic from other sites to your own and generate new traffic; but make sure that these are relevant sites or reputable ones. Beware! Google doesn’t look too favourably on spammers; so don’t go throwing your sitelinks around anywhere as Google will no doubt penalise you for it.
For the event in the video, eGenie had a link from the business in Southend site; Google will see it as a good and reputable site and add credibility for eGenie, boosting us up the rankings.

Looking at the example business in the video; once you have linked to webmaster tools, the report is populated with analytics and you can see what queries online users are keying in to find you.
The numbers are however, only rough, hence round numbers.
For our example business, lots of online users are looking for bathroom installations and only a few are clicking, but they are still getting traffic, as you can see.
From this, you only know what is working, by omission, you know how the site is working and only you will know what is and what isn’t working.
Is it the content? The headings? The images? The titles? Only you can work that out. So look at your site, look at the queries and use the search terms to your advantage! From all of us at eGenie, good luck!

Luke Dove

Digital Marketing Assistant
Social Media and Blog Enthusiast