Segment Your Visitors

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Segment Your Visitors

Segmenting your visitors can be one of the most powerful tools in assessing what works on your website & what doesn't.
We've worked with dozens of SME websites & used this technique to turn websites into high converting selling machines.
We know that Social Proof is critical in this era of customer critique and so is a great place to start if you want to measure the value of your web content.

Chop 'em Up!
Our aim is to compare visitors who have seen Customer Reviews against those that haven't. From here we'll be able to see the impact and importance of reviews on our website.

Lets start by creating a custom segment.

segment visitors

Create your segment by choosing the condition that a session has included the review page. You could change "session" to user if people visit your site more than once before purchasing!

The Results!
Now that the segment is ready, head over to "Conversion" in your Google Analytics and compare the conversion rates between "All Traffic" and your new segment. Note: "All Traffic" will contain those that have seen your reviews, so to be ultra precise, recreate your custom segment, name it "Has Not Seen Review" and chose the condition, does not include.

Here's what we found.

goal conversion rate

Here we see that there is a slightly higher conversion rate for those that have seen reviews.

goal conversion rate

In this example, there is a considerable difference between those that have seen reviews & those that haven't.

Our recommendation in this case, would be to make reviews prominent on pages where conversions take place, e.g. the product page.

So, that's how you segment your traffic to see the impact of customer reviews. But why stop there, what other important elements might be hidden away on your website? Segment these and see what insight you can draw - then use it to improve your website!

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