SEO: Importance Of Readability

SEO Flesch readability test

How Readable is Your Content for SEO?

SEO, of course, is hugely important if you want people of the big wide world to read your stuff! Your content can be SEO’d to the max, but if it’s unreadable twaddle; chances are, it will do you no favours. Valuable time would be wasted and you could have lost a potential customer.

Not everyone is good at everything, naturally, and some just have a trouble writing. The creative juices are flowing and the ideas are exploding from every brain cell, but it is too easy to tie yourself up in knots with technical language. In this post, eGenie suggests to you a tool that can help you with this.

If you are familiar with WordPress , then you may have heard of the Flesch reading ease score. eGenie regularly use this as part of Yoast SEO which is a handy plug in on WordPress. If you haven’t heard of it, then I’ll give a quick overview.

The Flesch reader gives a score out of 100 that determines how easy or hard it is to read your content; the closer the score is to 100, the easier it is to read. A score between 60-70 (defined as "Plain English. Easily understood by 13- to 15-year-old students") is just acceptable for web content, although higher is better.

This particular blog for example has been given a rating:

seo flesch reader

If you don't have an integrated tool like this, but just want to see how easy your writing is to understand, then try where you can cut and paste your text and get back a number of different measures, including the Flesch reading ease score.

However, remember that when writing content, it’s important that the writing is adapted towards the audience to which it is targeted . Getting a good balance between readability, audience targeting and SEO can be tricky; but hey! That’s all part of the fun right? Ensuring a decent balance between these three will for sure bring out the best creative writing and content that there is! So don’t be afraid to use the Flesch tool; do the best that can be done and good luck!

Luke Dove

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