Showcase Your Shop: Do I Need SEO?

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Showcase Your Shop: Do I Need SEO?

What is SEO?
The means of improving the visibility of your website: Search Engine Optimisation is the process of affecting your websites visibility or rank in organic searches (they’re the ones you don’t pay for). So if you imagine your website as your shop front you can think of SEO as being a way of improving the signposts that lead customers to your shop. In short, SEO enables customers who don’t know where you are or even who you are, to find you!

There are many ways to improve SEO most of which you can do yourself, but it may take a specialist, such as eLignum, to understand your business and decide whether it is right for you, whether it forms part of your overall digital marketing strategy or whether you’d be better off focusing your energy and money elsewhere! Let’s examine the reasons you may or may not need SEO.


Why you need it.
To bring your shop out of the back streets and onto the High Street! Having lots of traffic is great, but what you really want are paying customers. Use SEO to provide clear directions to bring the right customers to your door, the ones who want to buy from you! You can use SEO to ensure the traffic you receive is representative of your customers. Quality over quantity. You can also use SEO to direct customers to promotions you may be running, or to pages that may interest them, boosting conversions, bookings or sales!
You are a Local business: local and mobile SEO can raise the prominence of your company to your immediate geographic customers. Ideal for non-ecommerce local businesses.
Trust: consumers trust organic over paid search.
Why you don’t.

You won’t make the top of the rankings or you are already there! The market place for your product may be so crowded you will never get to the top of the search rankings, why waste your time and effort to get there. Alternatively you are unique and already rank highly and the ROI on SEO would not warrant the cost.
You don’t have time: Search Engines are continuously changing their search algorithms so SEO could be a “Fourth Bridge” task – finish painting one end then you need to start over again! This commitment may concern you and you may be worried about the cost of ongoing maintenance. Similarly, you may feel that you don’t have the time or skills to do this yourself while you focus on your business. In this case you can employ a SEO consultant or look for other opportunities after all it may be a lot of work for limited rewards.

What can eGenie do for me?
eGenie brings a joined up approach to your digital marketing strategies across all of your digital channels. We will understand your business, decide whether or not SEO is the right strategy for you or whether we focus our energies elsewhere.
Our goal is to maximise the way your business performs on the net.
eGenie provides a complete digital marketing solution optimising SEO, PPC and analytics across all your digital channels. Alternatively you can select the specific service you need to meet your business requirements.
eGenie also provides a variety of training courses to empower you and your employees.
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