Social Media Optimisation Will Never Be The Same

Social Media Optimisation

Social Media Optimisation Will Never Be The Same

What's That You Say?

Social Media optimisation has taken a turn for the worse; for businesses anyway. Facebook owners have decided to drastically cut their content by publishers, brands and business. This is to prioritise posts made for socialising by friends and family. Facebook bosses are worried about the recent growth in companies publicising on social media for business purposes. They believe it damages the experience of the friends and families using it for connecting with each other.

Everyone. Remain. Calm.

Social media optimisation in general, not just on Facebook is a fantastic way of engaging with people in a way that sales and marketing just cannot. It allows direct interaction with those specifically targeted by your service. eGenie, even as a small company, regularly publishes blog articles we have written to Facebook. Along with pictures, news, upcoming events and also enjoy sharing what other businesses are posting too, it's a useful platform. But if this is going to decrease, we all may have a slight problem. Less content means less sharing which equals less content!

What Are The Effects?

How will this affect your social media optimisation procedure? Below are a few things you may find interesting to know about this new algorithm change by Facebook:

  • Cost. Oh yes! That’s going straight up. Regrettably, publishers will have to follow a similar process to marketers on Facebook and start paying for traffic. The cost will increase as previously stated, Facebook is no longer simply a platform for social interaction, but also for content spreading and business publicising.
  • Video. Anybody else notice the annoying auto-playing videos that popped up on Facebook recently? They just kind of play as you’re scrolling? Well, they create a considerable amount of views and businesses have leapt on that bandwagon pretty quick, making more content watchable. Everybody loves a play button! But with the new algorithm being put in place, those with great big video campaigns may want to rethink about just how much value these videos receive.
  • Tags. Facebook now have a rule; should a business share an article from another business, they then have to tag that other business in that post. This allows them to see ALL of the insights that post receives. Oh yeah… that’s awkward.
  • Effects of the echo chamber. Should the Facebook bosses take away publishers content, this will pave way for content that is more likely to be interesting to friends and family. In fact this is what Facebook is hoping to do: subject users to content from likeminded friends and family… Um… Isn’t that going to have an effect on the mentality of users? It will create a self-formed bubble where all some people will see are cat videos and others depressing news stories instead of a diverse range of topical content.

This sounds all pretty doom and gloom, but with many a change in the marketing eco-system, will the homeostasis prevail? Let’s just hope we can all do it quick enough before social media descends into a slightly less reputable place to do business. Take a look at our other blog posts for more information from eGenie!

Luke Dove

Digital Marketing Assistant
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