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You always hear the phrase 'SEO'. You always get told you must do 'SEO'.

But why?

And more importantly... How?

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What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Put simply, it's ways of optimising your website to get it ranking on page one of search engines. Forget page two or three, page one is where you will reap the benefits.

Why should I do SEO on my website?

SEO is generally used to attract new business, customers or clients.
You want people searching for your business to find your business! Just putting a website up with a few pretty pages won’t help anyone find it.
There are also ways of tracking site statistics about visitors on your website, from how they get there to what page they exit on. The top way of doing this is by using Google Analytics.

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So here it is!

Our personal Top 4 FREE SEO tools on the web:

SEO Centro is an easy to use tool that separates all the tests into categories so it’s easier to read.
It also gives an out-of-five star rating of how important it is and it also states whether it is “Easy to solve”, “Good to solve” or “Hard to solve”, which I think is very helpful for people who don’t quite understand SEO. Also all tests are colour coded to easily identify which ones your website has passed, which tests have come up errors and which have come up with warnings.


is an in depth tool that helps you check off your “Website SEO to do list” making sure you are doing your best to rank high in search engines.
From Meta tags, to image alt texts, to keywords, to page speed and even tells you if there are too many CSS and Java Script files.
Also, most SEO tools will tell you “You have 3 images missing alt text” but do not tell you which ones! Whereas Varvy does, and even shows a snippet of the image!

goes into great detail in everything SEO related, making sure you know exactly what you have done correctly and what you haven’t. Even more, it has a link called ‘How To Fix’. SEO Site Checkup does more than just tell you all the internal jargon-filled meta data boring stuff, it also lets you know about how it looks on a mobile, gives you an easy to read score with a graph of passed and failed checks.

SeoBin is useful for making sure you have the right keywords in your Meta tags, which are highly important to make sure you rank in a search query, which obviously can bring visitors to your website.
It has a nifty live preview Meta description creator tool, so you can quickly create a Meta description there and then. This is highly helpful as Google takes a snippet of your website to show in a search result, by using a Meta description you make sure Google sees exactly what they need to see about your website to make them click that ad.



Search Engine Optimisation is highly important, takes a fair bit of effort and takes a lot to maintain it. Some websites try to do it, some websites don't even bother, but of those that do it all the time will be the ones that are making the money by getting customers to their website.

It's like buying a lottery ticket, most of the time no one can be bothered to go and buy the ticket. But if you do, and keep doing it, your more likely to hit the jackpot.



If there is anything you don't understand, or that you may need help with.

Give us a call or an email, and we can help you there and then!

Remember, more customers = more sales = more profit!


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