Using Google Analytics To Measure Adwords Campaigns

Using Google Analytics to Measure Google Adwords Campaigns

Google Analytics is a hugely helpful resource as is Adwords and eGenie stand by that; there is a whole load of information you can get from Google Analytics and Adwords. We’d suggest using these invaluable platforms, as the information obtained from them is highly provable and that’s why we like it!

Looking at Google Analytics, it not only shows when Adwords campaigns are sending data to a sight, but we can also see which campaigns are working and which are not. It’s incredibly handy!

Google Adwords exampleWith our example of Google Analytics provided, we can see plenty of things, specifically the cost! Having linked Adwords and Analytics, we can see that 50 people came to the sight from the Trial Products campaign we set up and that cost £20.57. This was how much eGenie paid to Google to get those visitors there and at the bottom of the page, for everyone who visited the Contact Us page, we assigned them a worth of £100.

From the 64 people that have come through, 6 have gone to the Contact Us page, so for £20.57 that eGenie paid, 6 of them are assumed to get in contact with us; this is only an approximation, but it is worth assigning a monetary value anyhow (£100).

From this, we can see that maybe there’s no point to continue the Showroom campaign; it may have been cheap, however isn’t receiving the same results as the others.

Just this one report from Google Analytics is telling eGenie whether the Adwords campaigns are working or not!

Google Adwords exampleMore interestingly, this can be drilled down further; for eGenie’s Bathroom Shop example, you can see the keywords (the words that are being keyed in when users search for things) and you can see how many are coming through, how much that is costing and what they are doing. These factors are a brilliant way of telling whether your Google Adwords campaign is worth running; all the information is there to tell you just how effective the campaigns are.

Now people, it’s your turn. Knowing now what you know, you should be looking at which is the best place to put time and money to get people to do what you want them to do and achieve what you want to achieve. This data can be very helpful in discovering what campaigns are worth running and which are not! From all of us here at eGenie; GOOD LUCK! 

Luke Dove

Digital Marketing Assistant
Social Media and Blog Enthusiast