Visitors: Interests and New or Returning

Visitors: Interests and New or Returning

Knowing as much as your can about your website visitors can help when optimising your website. What are your visitors more interested in and are they new or returning visitors? Do new visitors have a different behaviour to a returning visitor?

When someone visits your website, the website asks their computer if they have a 'cookie' (a piece of code placed on their computer) if they don't have a cookie, they are counted as a 'New' visitor, and then they are given their own cookie. If they do already have a cookie, they are counted as a returning visitor.

Using information from a users searches, Google assigns them an 'Interest' category, which then can be accessed on a large scale on analytic, so you can see what sort of interests your visitors have. This can help identify if your marketing is targeting the correct group of people. if your target market are people who are interested in watching television shows, but your data shows that all your visitors enjoy interests like outdoor sports or activities, then you may be doing something wrong with your marketing strategy and can take steps to adjusting it.

As you can see from the video, the bouncerate for new visitors and returning visitors are pretty much the same, but there are more form completions made from the new visitors. Which is what you would want, people to come to your website and contact you there and then. The returning visitors spend more time on the website than the new visitors.


Lacey Searle

Websites Specialist and on-the-sly-blogger