Worried about your mobile conversion rates? Why you shouldn’t necessarily panic…… and why you should!

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Worried about your mobile conversion rates? Why you shouldn’t necessarily panic…… and why you should!

Analytic Evidence
Reviewing our clients account, I noticed a disturbing similarity. Mobile conversions are virtually zero. These examples from a lead generation website and an ecommerce website highlight the difference between Desktop, Tablet and Mobile users.
Seeing this, my first instinct was panic. We were clearly losing sales from mobile visitors – so what was going wrong? And how could we get them back?


Optimising the Mobile Site
Well, these site had their own mobile version and were generally well optimised for mobile following best practices such as:

  • Clear, clickable CTAs kept front & centre.
  • Short easy to click menus
  • Purchase as guest facility
  • Click to call/email buttons
  • Easy fill forms

So this made me think. Maybe mobile is a waste of time. The sites are optimised but people are just not going to purchase via their smart phone so let’s concentrate on the desktop users.

Multi Device Conversions
Again, perhaps I was jumping the gun. With the growth of mobile in recent years, many studies are pointing to users taking a multi-device route to purchase. This research from Google shows how the purchase journey often starts with a smartphone visit.


Don’t Panic!
So, if your mobile conversion rates are virtually zero…. Don’t panic. In today’s multi-device world, people often convert using another device to the one they started the journey on.

Do Panic!
A smartphone visit may be a customer’s first interaction with your website. If it is not mobile optimised, difficult to use, or poorly laid out, then you may never see that customer again.

Mobile AdWords
And finally….. running a mobile AdWords campaign may help drive customers to the website. Again, there is no need to panic and slash the mobile Ad budget if mobile cost-per-conversion seems way higher than desktop. See the bigger picture and understand how mobile contributes to the overall conversion rate.

Steven Drummond

Web Analytics & Optimisation
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