You Don’t Do Enough PPC… But Your Competitors Do!

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You don’t do enough PPC… but your competitors do!

Using Pay Per Click advertising such as Google AdWords or Bing Ads is a great way to bring to your website a substantial volume of traffic with high commercial intent. And the effect is instant too.

google analytics

Check your Benchmarking reports in Google Analytics to see how you compare to your competitors.
This gives you a clear indication of how far behind the competition you are… and where to focus on catching up.

Getting started with AdWords and PPC can be daunting. I’m sure you’ve all heard horror stories about firms spending a fortune for little or no return. Well, set that aside and approach it with an open mind.

Steven Drummond

Web Analytics & Optimisation
"I love solving the technical & marketing challenges that help our customers win more customers."

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